Personal information

I am Cameron, or Stratiatella, as you probably have heard of me as.

I am the face behind Stratiatella-Creations and the only 'employee' if I can call myself that.

I live in Germany, the cold and 'heartless' country, which is actually quite nice to live in. I'm partly British therefore my good English as well as my English name.

I work alone and am self taught in everything that is involved in making fursuits. But that doesn't mean I don't like to learn new things or change the way I make suits.

I have private fursuits, which is how I started making them, and started making them for other people when a friend of mine asked me to make one for him.

My prices are chosen to be affordable but still high enough to pay off my hard work, so please don't come complaining to me when you realize my prices got higher. That is mostly because my skill evolves with every suit I make thus making them more of an art piece which needs more payback. I'm just a human so bear with me when that happens and don't complain.


I make fursuits as a side hobby that pays off a bit. 

My main 'job' is working as a volunteer at a school for children with special needs as I want to become a teacher myself.


However, if you are interested in getting a fursuit made by me I am really honored to be considered by you and hope that we can get your dream come true by working together.